League Referee Registration Form and Process
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All qualified and County FA registered referees who wish to referee in the League will need to be registered with the League for the 2015-2016 season.

The first step is to ensure that your CRC is up to date. Any dated 2013 or early need to be renewed. Please contact the County FA for details.

If your CRC is in date, your are registered with the County FA AND registered with the League lsat season (2014-15) then you do not have to do anything else at this stage.

Those referees on our database from the 2014-15 season will be automatically checked with the County FA during the summer. When the County FA confirm that referee is youth compliant, the League will automatically post out the new ID card to the address registered with the County FA.

All referees in the League will need to produce an ID card, very much like players currently have to, before every League and cup fixture in the Sheffield & District Junior Sunday League. This will give the team managers confidence that the referee is indeed qualified and registered.

Please note: Referees must hold a 2015/16 card. 2014/15 cards are not valid for use in the League season 2015-2016.

Last season saw the League taking a big stance against the use of non qualified and non registered referees. This was a direct result of previous League surveys when the issue of referees was highlighted as an issue that needed addressing.

The impacts of that approach were:
-Number of refs registering with SHCFA went up, as non registered referee could no longer hide in the two local junior leagues, which possibly has happened in the past
-Level 9 refs getting moved up to Level 8/7 a lot faster as they were able to the 6 qualifying fixtures in this League.
-League average ref marks gone up, as the percentage of matches used by a qualified and registered ref

If you have a referee attached to your club, please ask them to register with the League as soon as possible. Please assist them where needed.

Possession of an ID card is not a licence to referee. It is to verify identity. Clubs should still check that the referee they are using/their opponents are providing appears on the League list which will be available on the website.

The Football Association funded the project which ran last season and the League is very grateful for that financial support.

See the links below to register with the League as a referee for the 2015/16 season.

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