Reminders regarding arranging & postponed fixtures
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Some reminders regarding arranging fixtures and postponed fixtures:

Q: Can I agree with my opponent’s team manager to reschedule a published fixture?
A: Clubs can bring forward a fixture and must let the League Age-Group Registrar know this prior to the fixture going ahead. Clubs cannot agree between themselves to move a fixture to a later date – if there is a problem with a fixture on a particular date, give the Age-Group Registrar as much notice as possible to see if anything can be done to help within the Rules.

Q: If the referee or ground owner calls off my match, whom do I need to tell?
A: You must advise your opponents and the Age-Group Registrar ASAP. If it was the grounds owner who called the game off, and you had a Referee allocated to your game, then you also need to advise the Referee. Remember the League rules and by Order of the League Management Committee: “If the home pitch is unfit for play, the game must be played on the away teams pitch if available and playable and the kick-off time will not be affected, unless mutually agreed. In all cases every effort must be made to play the fixture on the date scheduled. If a club agrees to switch a fixture the switching of venues for the return fixture must be upheld if possible so that no side has the advantage of two home fixtures.”

Q: Is it just the responsibility of the home team to notify the age-group registrar of new fixture dates? (ie postponed due to bad weather or league approved re-arranged dates)
A: No - it is the responsibility of both teams to notify the agreed new date (within 14 days of the fixture date), this is to make sure both teams are aware of the date and have agreed to it.

Q: From the published fixtures I see that I have a weekend with no match – can I assume this weekend will remain free so that I can plan to do other things?
A: No. Fixtures can change but if you want to keep a weekend with no match scheduled free to do other things, then you need to fill in a request to postpone a fixture form fixture (downloadable from the League website).

Q: How much notice do I need to give to guarantee a free weekend?
A: Please see where the process if explained in detail.

Q: I have just been informed by some of my players that they are away and unavailable on a weekend where I have a fixture. Can I request a free weekend with less than 4 weeks notice?
A: Please see where the process if explained in detail. If it is passed 7 days before the fixture, then the game cannot be requested to be postponed.

Q: If I have less than 11 players available, can I call a match off?
A: League rules allow a match to commence with a minimum of 8 players on the pitch. Clearly, if you have less than 8 players available then the match cannot take place, although this will constitute a game being unfulfilled and it will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee, as it would if you were to call the game off with 8 or more players.

Q: Under what circumstances can a manager call off a scheduled fixture?
A: As a manager, you can call off any game. However, unless it is for an acceptable reason, the unfulfilled fixture will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee who can decide to award the game to your opponents and/or issue a fine. Legitimate reasons for a fixture to be called off are:
A clash of fixture with a County Cup fixture
A clash of fixture with a League Knock-out Cup fixture

Q: A game has been called off and gone to the League discipline committee, what does this mean?
A: A charge of non-fulfilment will be sent out, and the club needs to answer the charge. The fixture cannot be re-arranged until the League discipline committee makes a decision. Remember all decisions made by the League discipline committee have the right of appeal, and details of how to appeal are included on the notification email sent to clubs.

Q: Can we move our game to an astroturf pitch?
A: The FA has changed the standard code of rules regarding the use of 3G FTP’s (Football Turf Pitch) that will now allow more clubs and teams to use these types of pitches. The rules will become effective from 2014/15 season and provided a FTP has been tested and appears on The FA Register it will be allowed to be used for affiliated match play in all competitions outside the National League System (NLS) i.e. Step 7 and below including Women’s and Youth Football. The FA Register of 3G pitches –

Q: On a match day who can call a game off?
A: The rules are very clear "The appointed Referee shall have power to decide as to the fitness of the ground in all matches and the decision shall be final subject to either in the case of a ground of a Local Authority or the owners of a ground, the Representative of that body is the sole arbitor and whose decision must be accepted unless the ground is declared fit for play."

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