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“Adults involved in developing the playing environment for children need to recognise their role is to facilitate this; to enable young people to have fun, make new friends and learn the game.”

“The views children have on their game compared to what adults assume that children want are quite different.”

“If we want to develop technically proficient, creative, decision-making players then having 40 adults standing round a pitch screaming and shouting at the players if they make a mistake is unlikely to be productive.”

“The challenge for spectators and coaches is to ensure that the learning environment created for children when they come to football is one that matches their expectations not the adults’ version.”

“Watching Match of the Day on a Saturday night and then acting out the role of a Premier League manager on a Sunday morning is not in the best interests of the development of young children.”

“Adults telling kids what to do during games is similar to parents doing their kids homework. Might get 100% tomorrow bur limited long-term”

“Always put the development of the young person ahead of your own ego and concern about the result. Don't be the reason a kid stops playing”

“Young people tell us one of the reasons they stop playing sport is because of coaches shouting at them and not making the game fun anymore – don’t be that coach”

“As a coach be supportive, empathetic, understanding, helpful, current, and above all else, just be a nice grown up to that young person!”

“There needs to be a commitment to embrace change and continually develop the game to suit youth football”

“We have a responsibility to develop a lifelong involvement in football rather than turn Children off our amazing game so early”

All above quotes are from the Football Association FA Youth Review

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