Praise for Vikki and Lewis (Referees)
Mon 25th Nov 2019 @ 08:34:46 (716 Views)

Posted By : Mr Ryan Lewis

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Feedback and praise for 2 referees,

At the weekend at St. George's Park we had a referee booked for Rotherham school boys v easy riding school boys. We booked a referee called Lewis and he was unfortunately Ill this referee had been in hospital and the team wished him well, this referees mum Alison who is a brilliant skate & ballet instructor, they told us in good time and even took the  time & arranged another referee for us enlisting lewis help to do so.

The new referee mum called Marie  wallace was very prompt and got in touch to book the referee for the game. It was a thrilling game to watch and the refereeing was phenomenal, every decision was spot on and no one argued. She took her time to explain her decision to the kids and was praising both teams as she went along in the game, Even listing to feedback from coaches and kids, no one argued her decision the kids the coaches and the parents on both teams. The parents had all said it's one of the best referees they had seen and even for her eye for offside and complete fairness in the game. It was a perfect day for her for decision making as nothing went wrong in the game, very high praise from all managers, all parents and all kids even commented how nice she was, we explained to them she played as well and all concerned wishes her well. And she was very polite and even told the managers each goal she recorded to the second it was scored and relayed this information, how thorough is that.

There was one more nicety from the other referee when the game ended, we were walking off the pitch and the other referee lewis Russel and his father who lived close came by to watch the game, and even took the time to speak at the end to say well done and apologise for not been able to referee the game they asked us how we found the referee which they had helped the team find did, and asked about the game, as if turning up was not enough 

Now that is what I call amazing referees, they do not get enough praise and I believe these 2 deserve high praise and recognition for there actions, conduct and kindness. 

Simple amazing

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