Praise for Tinsley, Dinnington and Referee
Tue 22nd Oct 2019 @ 15:03:43 (923 Views)

Posted By : Mr Ryan Lewis

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 I have to give massive praise to Dinnington & Tinsley juniors, 

 What an amazing game to watch probably one of the best games I have seen, the parents were amazing on both teams. The referee was fair and out of this world. He even handed out the medals to the kids on his own time. How good is that

The game was a 0 0 thriller to the end and Tinsley lost in sudden death on penalties 2-1

The children were crying and emotional but all team managers came and spoke to the kids and said what a outstanding game tbis was and I totally agree, The managers on both were sublime. 

The Tinsley kids went to each manager and the referee and thanks him for his time and the other managers for tbt game and they were upset but went to the Dinnington team to congratulate them on there win even though there were upset. There was 2 small boy on the Tinsley team going around and shaking all the managers and referees hands I believe this was number 4 and 11 on the Tinsley team it was good to see such respect from such young children. 

The parents on both teams were mingling, and talking and not really separated and I didn’t see all the first half but stood and watched after I heard then talking between each other and stating how good a game it has been to watch 

I have never seen such a delightful game in a very long time and this is what grass routes is all about. I would highly recommend both of these teams for the attitude on winning and loosing and fair play. The referee was also too draw and this was one of the most wonderful  games I have seen in a very long time, been an ex pro you don’t see games like that anymore and this reminds you of what grassroots is all about and why so many good people give up there time to do grassroots. It was really delightful and this is the pinnacle of grassroots football what we are all trying to achieve and I believe this deserved a mentions.

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