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I have set up another Futsal level 1 for leagues/clubs that have the funding from Football Foundation that needs to be used. The Futsal Level 2 also still has spaces which you can use your funding on.


Booking links below:


Level 1



Level 2



The FA Coaching Futsal Level 1 Course


It will be run over 23rd and 25th May 6-9pm at Dinnington School and the cost is £40.





The FA Coaching Futsal Level 2 Course


Course duration:

36 hours (30 assisted learning hours and 6 unassisted hours)


Proposed delivery format

2 x 2 day blocks with a gap of 4 – 6 weeks in between to allow for learners to coach within their own environment.  Day 3 will include some group learner delivery .

An alternative delivery could be over 2 x 4 evening blocks of 3 ½ hours each


Period of registration

24 months


Course Overview:

The FA Level 2 in Coaching Futsal has been designed for coaches that are looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of Futsal beyond FA Level 1 Futsal. The course uses a variety of full court games and practices to develop players in possession, out of possession and in transition.


 Course pre-requisites:

 The FA Coaching Futsal: A Beginners Guide OR The FA Level 1 in Coaching Futsal


 The FA Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Football           


Who is it for?:

This course is for individuals wishing to understand more about the three core strands of Futsal: defending, attacking and counter-attacking/ transitional play.


Course content:

Develop an appreciation and understanding of the application of the individual techniques of Futsal within game play

Demonstrate an understanding of the underlying core strands of Futsal: in possession, out of possession  and  transitional play through a game based approach

Demonstrate an understanding of the Futsal Laws of the Game

Develop a better understanding of Futsal as a stand-alone game in its own right and the significant variances from conventional 5-a-side

Show an awareness of the part Futsal can play in the development of young players.

Reinforce the different coaching interactions possible  when coaching players


Pre-course task:



Post-course task:



Course Assessment:

Following days one and two of the course, there is a four - six week period where the learner can deliver, log (in their learner pack) and review sessions in the three areas (attacking, defending and counter attacking). When returning on day three, coaches will be involved in some small group delivery work to demonstrate their understanding of the game.   Day 4 will consolidate learning from days 1 – 3.


Successful completion

Complete all 4 days of the course

Complete a minimum of 3 coaching sessions away from the course which are planned, delivered and reviewed with evidence completed in the learning journal

Satisfactory delivery in a small coaching group on day 3

The cost of the course is £150 and will take place at Dinnington Comprehensive and will run over 2/3rd June and 7/8th July 9-5pm


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