Cup Matches this coming Sunday
Tue 27th Feb 2018 @ 12:23:30 (3,539 Views)

Posted By : Matt Hardman

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Hi all

Although as of yet the snow has not arrived it is still forecast for the rest of the week and may put pay to this weekends semi finals  for U12/U14 and U15 and also the next round of matches in the U9 and U10 competitions.

Ideally it should be the match referee who calls the games off but I understand in some circumsatnces and with some games being played on private grounds that is not always possible. In these instances the groundsman can call the games off.

However let us all use some common sense obviously if we get a lot of snow and its still lingering then the games won't be played. However in our part of the world it's possible to get snow in Sheffield but not anywhere else. So if there is a possibility of getting these games played at a different venue then please go for it. 

Can we also leave it as late as possible before calling games off so as to give every possibility of playing.

If the semi finals are called off then they need to be rearrnaged for the following week and contact the appointed referee to see if he/she can officiate the week after. If they can't then contact who will arrange an alternate. Can this be done as qucikly as possible please and preferably by 7pm Monday evening so as to give Lucy time to source a replacement. 

As far as the U9 and U10 are concerned if the games aren't played then we have a bigger issue as the Competiton can only last 4 consecutive weeks under FA rules. So if not played then the only way to decide (and yes it's far from ideal but nothing can be done) is by the toss of a coin. I believe everyone is honest enough to do this themselves over the phone but if you prefer I'm sure the Registrars can do it for you.

Please try as best as you can to play the games this weekend but bear in mind also that whilst your pich may be playable the roads may prevent travel.

If the games are played enjoy and may the best team win.

I'm now off to a dark room to go and pray that the picthes are all available this weekend.

Stay safe everyone.




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