List of League Referees 2017-2018
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If the referee who intend to use is not on this list, you need to get them to register with the League and the County FA.

The League will only register referees who are registered with a County FA and have an in date CRC.

Those referees on our database from the 2016-17 season (click here to see the list) will be automatically checked with the County FA during the summer. When the County FA confirm that referee is youth compliant, the League will automatically post out the new ID card to the address registered with the County FA.

If they did not register with the League last season then they need to complete League referee registration form and email to with a photo.

Remember refs need to register with the County FA and also the League.

If the referee you intend to use is not on the list below, ask the referee to contact

To see the process of how to seek a referee if struggling see -> 



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