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If the referee who you intend to use is on this list, you need to get them to register with the League by using the form at  The League will only register referees who are registered with a County FA and have an in date FA CRC.

This list is changing all the time and was last updated on 15/04/17

As soon as a referee is registered they will appear on the League list so please do not accept, "card is in the post" as you will be able to see for yourself if they are on the list or not as been approved

Simon Bateman (updated 9th October)
Ian Gillespie (updated 9th October)
Stuart Walker (updated 9th October)
Colin Unwin (added 9th October)
Andrew Davies (added 9th October)
Mick Hudson (added 9th October)
Scott Thompson (added 17th Sept)
Ethan Vann (added 17th Sept)
Dan Teague (added 17th Sept)
Adam Froud (added 17th Sept)
Darren Corbert (added 17th Sept)
Emily Gregory (added 17th Sept)
Neil Fletcher (added 17th Sept)
Martin Homer (added 17th Sept)
Kevin Allen (added 17th Sept)
Dean Hawley (added 18th Sept)
Thomas Crick (added 23rd Sept)
Glenn Lloyd (added 23rd Sept)
Tom Fisher (added 23rd Sept)
Jack Jones (added 23rd Sept)
Adam Ledger (added 23rd Sept)
Fred Haigh (added 23rd Sept)
Aidan White (added 23rd Sept)
James McGuiness (added 25th Sept)
John O'Conner (Added 30th Sept)
Nick Glossop (Added 30th Sept)
Jurgen Hemme (Added 30th Sept)
Michael Foster (Added 1st Oct)
Mark Mitchell (Added 1st Oct)
Glen Bugge (Added 1st Oct)
Mark Woodhead (Added 13th Oct)
David Dunwell (Added 13th Oct)
Derren Trevis (Added 13th Oct)
Thomas Gascoigne (Added 10th Nov)
Danny Hawley (Added 10th Nov)
Bill Westwood (Added 10th Dec)
Harry Gladhall (Addded 16th Dec)
Shaun Myers (Addded 16th Dec)
Tony Miller (Added 26 Jan)
Cameron Merritt (added 11 Feb)
Adam Hadfield (added 11 Feb)
Tony Illingworth (added 11 Feb)
Craig Lang (added 16 Feb)
Daniel Fisher (Added 28 Feb)
Lee Tyler (Added 15 March)
Leigh McCarthy  (Added 15 March)
Brett Garret (Added 15 March)
Trevor Fretwell (Added 25 March)
Paul Taylor (Added 30 March)
Mark Cox (Added 4 April)
Martin Barnes (Added 4 April)
Roger Crabtree (Added 4 Apirl)
Ron Sutherland (Added 15 April)
Ryan Ward (Added 15 April)

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