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The home team makes contact with the away team 5 clear days before the fixture. During that contact the home teams informs the away team of:

  • Venue & directions 
  • Kick off time 
  • Kit colours 
  • Referee

If the home team does not have a ref appointed who is on the league list they MUST inform their opponents. The opponents can then see if they can find a ref to do the fixture.

If the home does have a referee on the League list for the fixture, they need to make sure the referee is appointed on the Full Time system. This can be done by emailing the appropriate age-group registrar.

If teams do not have a referee they can go to and complete the online form. Referees will have access to see all the request submitted. So teams putting in requests early will hopefully benefit. The idea is to see if this will help clubs and refs. It allows clubs to make sure information is all present and send in advance notifications and refs can log into the system at times to suit them to find games. Any ref wanting a fixture will contact the clubs – clubs are reminded to check the referees name against the list of registered refs with the League (which is on the League website).

This means requests go to the referees quicker and the refs can manage when they look at the requests. It also helps with late requests, because refs looking for a game can view all the request if they find themselves available to ref at late notice.

If both teams cannot find a referee with a League ID card then they must agree on a stand in official. A stand in official CANNOT referee on a regular basis

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