Praise for Grandparent Pete Oxley Wisewood JFC U13s Red
Sun 17th Dec 2017 @ 19:29:34 (1,073 Views)

Posted By : Richard Lycett

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The league has just recieved this email


I would like to praise a grandparent of a child who plays for wisewood who we’ve played a couple of times,& he’s such a nice lovely gentleman,he goes out his way to praise the kids from the opposite team he’s with ,he won the raffle a few months ago at our ground and shared his tub of sweets with both the teams.Hes gone out of his way again today to come and speak to Freya my daughter about how well she plays & praises all the team Hes a genuinely nice kind hearted man,i would like his praises for this as I don’t want it to go unnoticed he’s called Pete Oxley xx




Tracey Burgin

(Freya's Mum)

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