The FA Conversion Course for Futsal Referees - Register Your Interest
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Course Description    

Sheffield University - 29th Dec 2017 - 6pm

This course is designed to provide training for those currently registered as 11 a side referees planning to referee Futsal and will focus on the following key areas;

- Understanding the difference between Futsal and the 11 a side game
- Understanding the laws of Futsal and their practical application
- The realities of your role – dealing with practical situations including misconduct
- Putting your skills and knowledge into practise by refereeing some games

It is anticipated that the majority of learning will be facilitated in a practical environment.

Course Aims and Objectives

To provide learners with an introduction to refereeing Futsal, identifying the skills required to effectively referee games of Futsal. Following the initial training the candidates will be expected to referee a minimum of six games before returning for a review session during which their knowledge of Law will be assessed.

Course Content

Unit One

- Differences between Futsal and the 11 a side game (3 GLH’s)
- Introduction to the course
- The ethos of Futsal
- Practical application of different laws
- The next steps

Practical Experience (Over 1 – 3 month period 6 NLH’s)

- Refereeing a minimum of six games
- Putting theory into practice

Unit Two

- Reviewing your role as a Referee (3 GLH’s)
- Opportunity to reflect on previous learning and experience
- Examination to confirm competence to qualify as a Futsal Referee

Practical Involvement: Candidates will be encouraged to participate practically to maximise their opportunities for learning (The qualification cannot be completed unless the six games are officiated).

Course Pre-requisites

Prior to certification, candidates are required to:

- Be an existing 11 a side referee at level 8-1

Course Duration

6 Guided Learning Hours
6 National Learning Hours

This is a register your interest for a Futsal Referees Conversion Course. You must currently be a referee to go on this course


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