Unite The Game Workshop
Fri 11th Aug 2017 @ 13:45:56 (538 Views)

Posted By : Nathan Batchelor

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Nathan French, the FA National Respect Lead, is coming to see us on September 19th. He has kindly offered to do a respect workshop in the evening for a small number of people.


He is wanting 5 refs, 5 coaches, 5 parents, 5 players, 5 CWO, plus league committee members.

To book your place email secretary@junleague.com stating which role(s) you will be representing.



Unite The Game Workshop


The Unite The Game workshop/focus group is designed to bring together a variety of people, across a range of roles (Match officials, Coaches, Parents, Club & League officials & Players) to discuss how they could all play their part in creating positive match day environments. A Focus group would be a structured and inter-active session led by myself & in partnership with the host CFA.


The desired outcomes for this group are as follows:


  • To develop a whole game approach to Respect (come away from a blame culture)
  • To identify how everyone can play their part in creating a positive match day environment
  • To encourage this focus group to be an on-going group that works together to unite the game through Respect
  • To identify opportunities to work collaboratively
  • To identify potential barriers
  • For the FA to gain valuable feedback from within a county
  • To have a CFA action plan (We wills) written and owned by the whole group
  • Raise visibility of Respect and encourage the group/individuals to champion Respect
  • Update on road map for Respect

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