FA Disciplinary Regulation Changes 2017/18
Fri 14th Jul 2017 @ 14:02:09 (1,229 Views)

Posted By : Nathan Batchelor

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The FA's key Regulation amendments for 2017/18 season for all Clubs operating at Step 5 and below (County FA football).


Disciplinary Regulation Changes 2017/18 - CLICK HERE


Suspension Start Dates

Following any case that has an automatic suspension (Red Card, 5/10/15 cautions) all suspensions will commence 7 days from the date of the offence. The onus is on the Player and Club to ensure the suspension is served irrespective whether paperwork is received or not.


Appealing a County FA Decision

A participant charged will be able to lodge an appeal against any decision of a County FA, the minimum threshold has been removed and so all decisions found Proven, are subject to appeal by the Participant charged.

All suspensions imposed following a misconduct charge commence 3 days after the date of the hearing with an intention to appeal having to be made within those 3 days. The full written submissions are still required within 14 days of the written decision. Any appeal outside of these timelines will not be accepted.

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